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Maine HealthCost
Welcome to the Maine HealthCost website. This website has been developed by the Maine Health Data Organization in accordance with its mandate to produce reports related to health care facility and professional payments for services rendered to Maine residents. It is our hope that data on this website will be used to support our mission of providing useful and objective data to improve the health of Maine citizens.

State Averages: Statewide charges and payments across all commercial insurance carriers and all health care facilities grouped by procedure
Procedure Payments and Charges:
  • Payment information for common medical procedures based upon specific selections - for those with insurance
  • Estimated charges an individual can expect for common medical procedures - for those without insurance
Definitions and Methodology: Definitions of terms found on this site as well as the methodology behind data reported
Providers and Procedures List: All procedures reported on this site, as well as facilities providing the services

Data Sources: Data used to produce reports is from commercial claims data provided by payers required to submit to the Maine Health Data Organization (MHDO) under the terms and conditions of CMR 90-590 Chapter 243: Uniform Reporting System for Health Care Claims Data Sets.

Note: Medicare and MaineCare (Medicaid) data were not available to include in the analysis at the time of publication.

To learn how reports are generated, see Definitions & Methodology.