Activities Management

You can manage IBM® Cognos® activities from My Activities and Schedules in IBM Cognos Connection.

You can view a list of your activities that are current, past, upcoming on a specific day, or scheduled. You can filter the list so that only the entries that you want appear. A bar chart shows you an overview of daily activities, by hour. You can use the chart to help choose the optimum date for rescheduling activities.

You can set run priority for entries. You can also view the run history for entries, specify how long to keep run histories, and rerun failed entries.

As an administrator, you can use IBM Cognos Administration to manage activities for all entries, not just your own. You can see who ran each entry and perform actions on entries as required. For example, you may want to cancel or suspend a user's large job if it is holding up important entries in the queue. You can also override the priority of an entry instance or you can change it permanently for an entry itself.

If you switch views, you must refresh to see current data. For example, if you switch from Past Activities to Upcoming Activities, you must refresh to see current data in the panes.

To access My Activities and Schedules in IBM Cognos Connection, you must have the required permissions for the Run activities and schedules capability.