Data Source Connection Settings

You can set the maximum number of available data source connections, the duration for retaining connections, and how data source connections are reused.

Each instance of the report server has an established pool of database connections. The connections are reused for new requests that match the database, user, and password. Entries remain in the pool until they are idle for a timeout period and then are closed. Once a pool is full, no further connection are added. This results in a request failure.


Set the maximum number of data source connections available to the report server by modifying the PoolSize variable.


Set the duration for retaining connections by modifying the Timeout variable. Connections are examined once per minute and any connection that has been inactive longer than the timeout value is removed. The default timeout value is 900 seconds.

Reusable Data Connections

Data source connections are reusable only when the database credentials of the connection match those of the new request. Inactive data source connections can be claimed by a new request. This occurs when the maximum number of connections has been reached and none of the inactive connections can be used by the new request. In this case, the oldest inactive connection is terminated and a new connection is created.

When the maximum number of connections is reached, and all are active, then additional requests fail. The server must be configured to ensure that the concurrent report requests do not exceed the request pool size.

For more information about report service requests, see Maximum Number of Processes and Connections.