IBM Cognos Cubes

The IBM® Cognos® cubes that can be used as data sources in IBM Cognos Business Intelligence include IBM Cognos Finance, IBM Cognos Now! --Real-time Montioring Cube, IBM Cognos Planning Contributor, IBM Cognos Planning - Series 7 , and IBM Cognos PowerCubes.

If you have problems creating data source connections to Cognos cubes, see the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Troubleshooting Guide.

For information about integrating IBM Cognos Finance multidimensional cubes in your IBM Cognos environment, see the IBM Cognos Finance User Guide. For information about connecting to the IBM Cognos Planning - Contributor unpublished (real-time) data, see the IBM Cognos Planning IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Installation Guide. For information about real-time monitoring, see the IBM Cognos Real-time Monitoring Dashboard User Guide.