Organizing Entries

Organize entries such as reports, analyses, agents, and packages in a meaningful way so that you can easily find them. It is important to plan how you can best organize entries in the portal. Review the entries and attempt to group them in a logical way. Consider grouping the entries by type or frequency of use.

You may decide to create a folder hierarchy by using nested folders. The folder structure should be logical and should support the chosen method of grouping.

Use meaningful names and detailed descriptions to identify entries in the portal.

You can copy, move, rename, or delete entries. You can create copies of entries and store them in multiple folders for easy access. You can disable entries and specify the order of entries. You can select a link for an entry. For example, if a report is deleted, you may want to link an associated report view to a different report. You can also hide an entry to prevent it from unnecessary use.

Remember that an entry often refers to other entries such as packages, reports, analyses, or queries. In addition, there may be references to entries in job steps, agents tasks, drill-through targets, or metrics. Reference IDs are hard-coded in the specification for each entry.

Note that references to deployment objects are based on search paths, not IDs. IDs are installation-specific while search paths are not.