Excluding public user account information when deploying public content

In IBM® Cognos® software version 10.2.0 there was no option to exclude user account information when public content was deployed. This option exists in the product starting with version 10.2.1.

About this task

When exporting tenants from Content Manager 10.2.0, before upgrading Content Manager to version 10.2.1, you might still have a large number of user accounts without tenant IDs. If you want to exclude those accounts from your deployment, use the CM.TENANTS_DEPLOYMENT_EXCLUDE_PUBLIC_USER_ACCOUNTS advanced setting.


  1. Follow the steps in the section Configuring advanced settings for specific services.
  2. For the ContentManagerService, type the following parameter name: CM.TENANTS_DEPLOYMENT_EXCLUDE_PUBLIC_USER_ACCOUNTS.
  3. Type true as value for this parameter, and click OK.