Deploy Updated PowerCubes

After you rebuild or update a PowerCube, you can use various methods to deploy the cube to the production environment.

To deploy an updated IBM® Cognos® Transformer PowerCube, use the Copy and Activate method in IBM Cognos Transformer (the recommended method), or copy the PowerCube yourself, and use the pcactivate command-line utility.

To deploy an updated Series 7 Transformer PowerCube, you must copy the PowerCube first. Then, use the pcactivate command-line utility to activate the cube.

For more information, see the section Copy and Activate a Newer Version of a Published PowerCube in the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Transformer User Guide.


  1. Copy the Transformer PowerCube to the production environment.
    • The name of the destination directory in the production environment must be the same as the PowerCube name. For example, if the cube is named production.mdc, the destination directory must be named production.
    • The destination directory must be in the same directory as the PowerCube. For example, if the data source connection specifies that the PowerCube location is D:\Cubes\production.mdc, the destination directory, named production, must be D:\Cubes\production.

    For example, copy the PowerCube to D:\Cubes\production\production.mdc.

  2. At the command-line prompt, type the pcativate command using the following syntax:
    pcactivate cube_name.mdc 
    destination_location destination_location

    You can type more than one destination location.

    For example, type

    • pcactivate TheCube.mdc d:\deploy\cubes
    • pcactivate production.mdc D:\Cubes
    • pcactivate sales.mdc \\server_1\cubes \\server_2\cubes
    • pcactivate "Production Cube.mdc" "d:\Program Files\cognos\c10\webcontent\cubes"
    Note: If you include a path in the cube_name parameter, the path is removed and ignored.