Add or Modify a Data Source Connection

You can add new data source connections or edit string parameters for existing connections.

You can add multiple connections to an existing data source. For example, you want a data source to have two or more connections to the same database that have different properties, such as different timeout values or access permissions. You can also add connections to a data source that point to different databases, but the databases must contain the same schema.

When you create a data source connection, you can create a signon that the Everyone group can use to access the database. Later, you can modify who can use this signon or create more signons. For example, you can control access to data by setting the permissions for each data source connection. For more information, see Set access permissions for an entry.

To add or modify a data source connection, you must have access to the required capabilities to administer data sources, see Secured Functions and Features.

If you are creating an Oracle, DB2®, or Microsoft SQL Server data source, you can include database commands in the connection information. For more information, see Passing IBM Cognos Context to a Database.

If you select Microsoft Analysis Services 2005 or 2008 as the connection type, you can have more than one instance on the same server.

For information about setting the maximum number of data source connections available to the report server, see Data Source Connection Settings.