Deployment Conflict Resolution Rules When Importing and Exporting

Conflict resolution rules apply when you are importing or exporting into a target environment.

The rules are different depending on whether you deploy the entire content store or selected public folders and directory content. The method you choose determines which objects are included in the import and how conflicts are resolved when an object already exists in the target environment.

Objects in the content store represent entries in the portal and the properties of those entries. For example, the object reportView represents a report view entry in the portal and the object runHistory represents the run history of an entry. For more information about objects, see the IBM® Cognos® Software Development Kit Developer Guide.

Objects in Public Folders inherit deployment rules by default, depending on whether you are deploying the entire content store, or only selected Public Folders and directory content.

Although conflicts can occur only during importing, not during exporting, the same rules are used to process objects in the archive during export. During an export operation, if the rule for an object is KEEP, it is not included in the archive. For any other setting, it is included in the archive.