Deployment involves moving applications from one installation to another. You can deploy IBM® Cognos® content from a source environment to a target environment.

You can deploy the entire content store or only specific content, such as packages, folders, namespaces, user accounts, or visualizations.

Typically, deployment transfers entries from a development environment to a test environment and then to a production environment. You can also deploy between operating systems.

It is important to plan your deployment to ensure that you deploy the correct information and that you do not disturb the target environment. It is also important to consider security in the source and target environments.

You can upgrade entries from previous releases by running the deployment import wizard. For more information, Importing to a Target Environment.

You can use an operating system or scripting mechanism to perform deployment from a command line. You can use the IBM Cognos software development kit to automate the deployment process to

For more information, see the IBM Cognos Software Development Kit Developer Guide.

For information about content deployment in a multitenant IBM Cognos BI environment, see Tenant content deployment.

Deployment of human task service is a separate task. For more information, see Deploy Human Task and Annotation Services.

Deployment of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence content from one environment to another is a complex process that requires a comprehensive approach. The proven practices document IBM Cognos BI – Deploy Content Between Environments ( provides valuable guidelines and examples to help you with a successful deployment.