IBM InfoSphere Warehouse Cubing Services

IBM® Cognos® software provides support for accessing the cubing services technology of IBM InfoSphere® Warehouse for version 9.5.2 and greater. No IBM Cognos components need to be installed on the cubing services server.

You specify connection parameters when you create a data source or modify a data source connection. For more information, see Data Source Creation and Add or Modify a Data Source Connection.

Table 1. InfoSphere warehouse cubing services data source connection parameters



Server URL

Enter the URL of the server in the format http://<hostname>:<cube server xmla port>/IBMXmlAnalysis/ or https://<hostname>:<cube server xmla port>/IBMXmlAnalysis/.

An example of the <hostname>:<cube server xmla port> is wottcub1:80.

Open SSL Connection

To use secure sockets, select this check box. To use unsecure sockets, do not select it.

The setting must be the same as the setting on the server.


If a user ID and password is required in the connection string, select the User ID check box. If a password is required, select the Password check box and enter the password in the Password and Confirm password boxes.