TM1 Data Sources

IBM® Cognos® software provides support for accessing TM1® servers and cubes.

You must install the TM1 client on the same computer as the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence installation. When you create a TM1 data source connection, consider how you would like to set up authentication.

You specify connection parameters when you create a data source or modify a data source connection. For more information, see Data Source Creation and Add or Modify a Data Source Connection.

Table 1. TM1 data source parameters



Administration Host

Enter the name of a machine that can be identified by the network.

Server Name

Enter the server name as configured in the TM1S.cfg file. For more information, see your TM1 documentation.


For more information on signon, see Securing data sources.

If no authentication is required, select No authentication. If an external namespace is used, select An external namespace and then select the namespace.

If authentication is required, select Signons.

If a user ID is required in the connection string, select the User ID check box.

If a password is required, select the Password check box and enter the password in the Password and Confirm password boxes.

To create a user ID and password that automatically connects to the data source, select Create a signon that the Everyone group can use. Enter the User ID and then enter the password in the Password and Confirm password boxes.


Your choice must meet the TM1 server authentication requirement. For example, if you do not create a user ID and password, but the TM1 server requires a log on, the user is prompted to log on.

You can use an external namespace (third-party directory service provider) as an authentication method. The TM1 server must be configured to authenticate with IBM Cognos BI. For more information, see your TM1 documentation on Cognos Access Manager Authentication.

Unexpected Results When Using Aggregation with TM1 Data Sources

TM1 data sources can include rule-derived cells. IBM Cognos BI cannot identify these rule-derived cells ahead of time, so performing an aggregation on these cells may yield unexpected results. For example, aggregating a set containing a rule-derived value may produce unexpected results in Report Studio and Analysis Studio.

Note: Explicit aggregation operations like sum, average, count, minimum, and maximum are not affected.

If you are using TM1 data cubes with rule-derived cells in IBM Cognos BI, we recommend that you install TM1 build number 9.4.00001.576, which identifies aggregation errors by marking the error cells with dashes (--).

Administration Host Must be Fully Qualified to Support TM1 Data Sources

Your installation includes IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence Server and TM1 data sources. After upgrading or when creating or changing a TM1 data source connection, you may receive the following error message:

COGCQ00223094 - TM1-ERR-0060 the TM1 server is configured with an unsupported security mode.

To resolve the issue, change the Administration Host name to a fully qualified domain name in the Data Source Connections wizard.