Back Up Data

We recommend that you regularly back up your IBM® Cognos® software data and configuration settings, and your Framework Manager projects and models. This prevents the loss of your data should your computer be damaged or stolen. After your computer is operational, you can restore your data.

Because backing up consumes system resources, if IBM Cognos software is running while the database is backed up, its performance will be affected.

If you changed the location of the encryption and signing key settings from the default location, ensure that you back up the directory that contains them. Also, if the key stores are secured with passwords, ensure that you retain these passwords.

Data you back up is meant to be restored to the same computer. For information about moving data from one computer to another, see Deployment.

For information about backing up data before you upgrade your software, see the upgrade topic in the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Installation and Configuration Guide.

If you use a source control system to store your Framework Manager projects, you do not need to back up your projects.

If you customized any information in IBM Cognos Configuration or in the content store, ensure that it is backed up correctly.