Including configuration objects in import of entire content store

You can include configuration objects when importing an entire content store.

Before you begin

By default, configuration objects are excluded when you import an entire content store, even though they are included in the export. Configuration objects include dispatchers and configuration folders used to group dispatchers. For more information, see Conflict Resolution Rules For Deploying the Entire Content Store.

We recommend that you do not import configuration objects. Dispatchers should be configured in your target environment before you import data from a source environment. If you must import configuration objects, you should either stop the source dispatcher services before the import, or restart IBM® Cognos® software in the target environment after the import. Otherwise, you may get errors with the status of dispatchers. If you want to import configuration objects, you must be prepared for a brief interruption of services.


  1. Follow the steps in the section Configuring advanced settings for specific dispatchers.
  2. For the ContentManagerService, type CM.DEPLOYMENTINCLUDECONFIGURATION as the Parameter name.
  3. Type true as a value for this parameter, and click OK.