Deploying IBM Cognos Entries

To deploy IBM® Cognos® software, you must export the deployment archive in the source environment, then move the archive to the target environment and import it there.

In IBM Cognos Connection, you can organize your deployment specification in folders in the same way that you organize all your entries. See Organizing Entries.

Deployment and Agents

Deployment can be part of an agent. For more information, see Agents.

Deployment Schedules and Run History

You can schedule deployment to run automatically at a specified time or as part of a job. IBM Cognos software saves the run history for each deployment specification. After you export or import, you can view the date and time and the status of the deployment. You can also view any error messages created by the deployment and the list of entries that were exported or imported. For more information, see Activities Management.


To deploy IBM Cognos entries, you must have execute permissions for the Administration tasks secured feature and traverse permissions for the Administration secured function. For more information, see Secured Functions and Features.

You should also belong to the System Administrators group and have read and write access to the Cognos namespace so that you can deploy the System Administrators group. For more information, see Set access permissions for an entry.

When you do a partial export of public folders and directory content Deploying Selected Public Folders and Directory Content rather than exporting the entire content store Deploying the Entire Content Store, you must have read and traverse permissions for the entries that you export. You also need write permissions because you create a deployment specification and deployment history when you export. When you import, you must have write and set policy permissions for the entries that you import.


IBM Cognos software and other products, must be installed and configured in the source and target environments. For more information, see the IBM Cognos Installation and Configuration Guide.

We recommend that you stop the Content Manager service before you export and import. This prevents users from receiving unpredictable results if they are performing operations during the deployment. For example, if users view reports in a package while the package is being imported, users may encounter errors when the report outputs are replaced. For more information, see Stopping and starting dispatchers and services.

Before you start, you must plan the deployment to determine what deployment options to use and what entries to deploy Deployment Planning. You may want to do a back up before deployment Back Up Data.