Deploying Selected Public Folders and Directory Content

You can choose to do a partial deployment, deploying only selected public folders and directory content, rather than the entire content store.

You can deploy any packages and folders in Public Folders. Browse the Public Folders hierarchy and select a package or folder. This will deploy its entire contents. You cannot select specific entries in the packages or folders. During export, the parent packages and folders are not exported and Content Manager does not create placeholder locations for them in the target environment. During both export and import, you can specify a new target location in the Content Manager hierarchy for each deployed package and folder.

The directory content that you can deploy includes the Cognos® namespace, distribution lists and contacts, and data sources and their connections and signons.

When you deploy public folders and directory content, you cannot include objects from the configuration, capability, exportDeploymentFolder, and importDeploymentFolder areas of the content store Partial Deployment Options. For more information, see Including References to Other Namespaces.

For information about how specific objects in the content store are imported, see Deployment Conflict Resolution Rules When Importing and Exporting.

After the deployment is complete, some links for packages associated with reports may not work, even if you included packages and their reports in the deployment. You may need to relink packages to reports. For information about linking packages to reports, see the documentation for the studios.

Tip: If you want to deploy specific entries, you can create a folder at the root level of Public Folders, copy the specific entries to that folder, and select this folder when you deploy.